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Why Use Email Marketing As A Tool For Promotion

August 31, 2020 - Sukrala Times

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Email or electronic mail is a way of sending and receiving messages via electronic devices. Marketing is a way of selling, delivering, and advertising products to consumers. Email marketing means marketing done to promote business products (goods and services which may be tangible or intangible) via email. It may be in the form of commercial messages using email to send advertisements or even to ask for donations that can be used to improve the growth of the company. Email marketing generates the highest ROI (Return on Investment) for marketers.
There are various reasons for considering email marketing as a tool to promote a product or service. Firstly, it becomes easy to stay in contact with customers and also helps in enhancing our relationship with current or previous customers. Secondly, it is useful in making customers aware of the latest offers and any other future brand advertisement. Thirdly, email marketing is a faster mode of communication and hence, time-saving. Fourthly, every company needs feedback. The more the ideas, the better will be the growth of the company.
Follow up must be done at regular intervals so that mistakes can be corrected. This creates a learning environment in an organization. Every company that is open to change grows faster. Email marketing creates a sense of loyalty and trust with customers that makes them a regular customer.
However, there are certain drawbacks of email marketing as consumers receive many emails on a daily basis, so they don’t pay much heed to commercial mails. Recipients might unsubscribe if too many emails are sent. consumers rarely check ‘spam’ box and customers may delete the mails, so the target audience must be correct. Customers enjoy reading mails only if it suits their genre.
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