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December 3, 2019 - Sukrala Times

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Today I’d like to share some of my main tools for automating WordPress and my regularly workflow. Few are found within the dashboard of WordPress and others are third party applications. Some are free and others are paid for on a monthly or yearly basis. All of them are worth their money.

Now we discuss here how to Work Smarter With These WordPress Automation Tools:

  • Akismet- If you are utilizing WordPress to blog and you have comments turned on, Akismet is a must use plugin. It accurately monitors incoming comments and addresses any spam without any cooperation by the user.
  • AutomateWoo- This is an impressive extension for WooCommerce that gives follow up communication based on user defined workflows. We use this plugin to automatically warn theme buyers that their subscriptions are expiring and request they renew to receive continued support.
  • Dlvr.it- I found this software service and I am loving it! We own a number of social media profiles and this tool helps automate posts based on RSS feeds. I utilize it to share Web Savvy posts, as well as articles from my favorite websites and blogs. It offers a lot more options then HootSuite and is naturally more user friendly.
  • Follow-Up Emails- This is another WooCommerce extension that I utilize for onboarding new buyers of our stock Genesis themes and online SEO courses. I have numerous emails expected to send after an order has been handled. They provide information on utilizing the new theme or course, as well as answer many of the common questions I’d receive time and time again. This WordPress plugin seriously decreased my support time and has expanded customer satisfaction.
  • Gravity Forms- I believe it is one of the best WordPress plugins. The developer is solid, the plugin is robust, and the user interface is outstanding. Every custom website we build uses Gravity Forms and I make sure each stock theme is styled for it.
  • Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On- This Gravity Forms extension associate MailChimp to WordPress inquiry forms. Subscribers are automatically fed to MailChimp and added to the appropriate email list.
  • Hotjar- This is a tool I newly detected based on a referral from another WordPress developer. It is like people watching at the mall, but on your very own website. If you want to know what people do when they open your website, this tool is awesome. It even offers a free trial. This tool will save time in user surveys and in design.
  • iThemes Sync- Sync confess you to manage updates for all your WordPress sites from one place. It associate with BackupBuddy which will automate remote website backups and retain you protected. The iThemes team is very solid and they produce great plugins. Since we manage 50+ disparate WordPress websites, this tool is a key part of keeping us as decisive as feasible.
  • MailChimp- This is a third party software solution that give email campaigns and RSS based emails. While I will hardly send out individual emails to groups of users, we actively use this service to send weekly newsletters to blog subscribers. MailChimp uses our blog’s RSS feed to automatically occupy the newsletter and send it on a preset day and time.
  • Simple URLs- This plugin helps me immediately link to external websites and track usage of these hyperlinks. I utilize it for linking to destinations that are regularly referenced in blog and support forums. It is free and saves me lots of time. It is also considerable for maintaining affiliate links.
  • Subscribe to Comments- This plugin is another free piece of software that I have used for years. It confess users to request notification on blog comment updates for a specific post. It helps build engagement and raise visitor satisfaction.
  • WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration- This allows GA to track sales and report on important like sales by source, sales by day, etc.
  • WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe- This WooCommerce extension not only saves time, it has extremely increased the subscribe rate to our weekly newsletter. It drops in a check box on our shopping cart and asks buyers to indicate if they want to subscribe to our blog. Quick and simple, but liable for generating thousands of subscribers.
  • WP 101- I subscribe to WP 101 and include these how to tutorials in each custom website we develop. Not only does it help answer basic WordPress questions, the videos are automatically updated and pushed to WordPress with every new software release. That means I know my clients have the latest information accessible to them at all times and I do not have to do a thing. this plugin is a double win as compared with the other tools because it saves time and makes clients happy.
  • Yoast SEO- I have used the Yoast SEO plugin for several years. It helps to automate some SEO efforts by providing a SEO rating per post or page. While it is not everything necessary for SEO, it does help deliver feedback and solid produce XML sitemaps for search engines.

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