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  1. Do you want to learn how to put tracking code in your website?
  2. Do you want to know who the exact audience is and how they interact with your website?
  3. Do you want to discover the best ways to use Google Analytics to get more traffic to your website?
  4. Do you want to know what skills and education are needed to become a web analytics?

Then You're at the right place.

In past decade, there has been a great change in the market of organizations & digital marketing education. However, for effective use of digital marketing and to track and measure return on investment of marketing operations, you need to understand website traffic source, visitor’s behaviour, and webpages performance of a website. CBitss technologies is one of the best advanced web analytics certification course institute which provides opportunity to learn in depth about web analytic training in Chandigarh, this course is state-of-the-art according to regular updates.

Are you excited to learn how your visitors locate your website
web analytics training course in chandigarh

Analyze sites usability and make improvements: Web analytics is the process of analyzing the behaviour of visitors on a website. Web analytics is used to enable a business to attract more visitors, maintain or attract new customers for goods or services, or to increase the dollar amount to spend each customer. Use the Web Analytics Platform to measure and benchmark a website performance and see major performance indicators that run their business, such as conversion rates.

Why you should join Web Analytics Training Course:

(Taking Advantages of Web Analytics, you can find out in depth information about it)

  • Provisional Performance of Digital Marketing Campaigns across all Channels.
  • Incoming visitors to your website: Gender, Age, Location, Devices they use, specific Activity Flow.
  • Referring to websites that run traffic to your website and related pages.
  • How your website is getting Traffic.
  • What is making your Visitors Leave Website.
  • How much Time users are spending on your website and the top Performing Content of the website.
  • Site Speed: Time which website takes to get downloaded and what is its performance with respect to benchmark.
  • Which technology your visitors are utilizing to visit the website: Browser, Internet speed, operating system, resolution, etc that can act as Design guideline.
  • Which Keywords the Audience is use to Visit your website.
Know who your audience is and how they interact with your website

Our advanced Web Analytics Certification Course:

Are you looking web analytics training course in Chandigarh? so now you are at exact place at CBitss Technologies.

These hands-on training programs secure you gain ability in Web Analytics and helps you use the data through the web analytic tools, to draw insights for marketing and business development.

The advanced web analytics certification course covers a wide range of aspects - web data analysis, analytics technology, social media analytics, multi-channel analytics, qualitative research and many others.

Are you worrying about (how we check the traffic of a website? what are the most popular pages of a website? How people get a website? and how people find a website on search engine) What is the traffic to your website? What are your most popular pages? How are people getting to your website? And how do people find you on search engines?

In Web Analytics course, you will gain the expertise of web, social, mobile, and content analytics to create higher knowledgeable business opinion to enhance your organization's potential. You will become an experienced to gather with multi-channel data sources, significant searches, and more with this Digital Web Analytics course.

What skills will you learn?

This Web Analytics training in Chandigarh course will give you a well-rounded expertise in digital data analytics, including:

  • How to take advantage of data from various sources to conduct quantitative and qualitative research, and provide actionable, data-informed business insights.
  • To master analytics domain across the digital channel, understand the concepts of web analytics from zero to ground.
  • Deep knowledge of web analytics, social analytics, mobile analytics and content analytics.
  • Understanding the full-end understanding of digital and data analytics conversion funnels, customer retention and acquisition and customer engagement.
  • Product knowledge of Google Analytics.
Learn How Analytics can Improve your Web Marketing

Eligibility to Join Web Analytics Course

This Digital Analytics course is suitable for professionals who wish to specialize in digital and get the advance web analytics certification and boost their skill sets in the world of digital marketing. This web analytics course is best suited for:

  • The candidate should have good knowledge about computer basis and the internet.
  • Knowledge of website designing, SEO or Internet marketing would be an added benefit.
  • Online web analytics implementers.
  • Online web analytics data reporters.
  • Digital analysts.
  • Digital marketers.

After completion of Web Analytic Course, you would be able to:

  • Measure Web Traffic
  • Visitors Count
  • Track Bounce Rate
  • Identify Exit Pages
  • Optimize Marketing Campaigns
  • Identify Target Market

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