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August 28, 2020 - Sukrala Times

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WordPress is a software that has become the most commonly used Content Management System (CMS) that is used for writing blogs. It provides a platform to publish, edit, and organize content at a specific place. Text, photos, audios, videos can be used to write blogs. It has two components- Themes and plugins. Themes are a set of PHP and HTML files that depict the look and functionality of the website. They also allow us to change the look of our website. Plugins are used to extend, add, and integrate the features of our website like SEO, Google Analytics, etc.
There are various benefits of WordPress.
1. It is easy to use and has a low cost.
2. The website can be managed from any computer, phone, or tablet.
3. There is no need for HTML editing.
4. WordPress is designed with minimal code with PHP. This allows your website to load quickly.
5. WordPress is completely free of cost.
6. websites are made very easily with WordPress as in WordPress there is no requirement of coding skills as it has already made templates. So, we just need to choose and upload to formulate a website.
WordPress can be operated by selecting a WordPress plan. Then set your domain name and hosting provider. After that, install WordPress. Choose your theme. Add posts and pages to your website. Customize your website. Install your plugins. Optimize your website to increase followers. WordPress skills can be improved with WordPress Training in Chandigarh which enhances your overall skills as a website designer and developer. WordPress is a very easy platform to get started with if one is aiming to be a website designer or developer. It is very easy to set up and run.
It is a platform not just to maintain your website and databases but one can ear money if consistency is maintained.

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