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How to use Instagram for Business to boost Sales in 2020

December 3, 2019 - Sukrala Times

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If you have been using Instagram like a normal social media app for the past few years, then you might have observed that Instagram is a more addictive, interactive and user-friendly social media platform. The number of active users on Instagram has increased speedily, therefore, small and large brands are utilizing Instagram for business in 2020.

Using Instagram as a tool for business can be a very good strategy to raise brand awareness, targeting the right customer, creating good customer engagement and earning. Instagram accounts for business are expanding day by day and they are earning a bunch of profit running a business on Instagram.

Instagram is the best social media platform to market your product or service right now. An experienced Instagram marketing agency can keep you one step ahead.

Reasons to Run Business on Instagram:

  • Instagram’s growing market share which beats other social media platforms.
  • Growing numbers of active users on Instagram.
  • It is good for business marketing with attractive banners.
  • Good customer engagement.
  • You can focus the right customer on Instagram marketing.

Now we discuss here How to Utilize Instagram for Business To boost sales:

1. Create an Instagram Account for Business

Before beginning a business on Instagram always remember to create a business account on Instagram. A business account is disparate from a personal or private Instagram account. When you have a business account, a designated category or title is given to your account, which clears what your account is about.

Always keep in mind to choose the right category and sub-category of your business because only on the basis of that, Instagram will read your business type and also show your account to the right customers.

2. Use Instagram Stories to get large Customer Engagement

Instagram is a very good platform to get large customer engagement online. Your customers are always excited to know behind the scenes in your business. Sharing day to day work of your business is a very good way for customers to interact with your business. This also increases the customer’s loyalty.

According to Instagram experts, accounts that update stories daily are more likely to get well optimized than other accounts which are not active on stories.

3. Make the Correct Use of Instagram Bio

According to experts and reports, accounts that update their bio, description and website link frequently are more likely to get optimized and get more website traffic. Instagram bio is the first thing users connect with after visiting your Instagram business account, therefore it is very essential to add a related and attractive bio for your Instagram business account.

Most of the businesses utilizing Instagram for their online presence, update their description and posts on a regular basis. This also makes your customer feel lucky to follow your business account as they become the first to know about new posts and products.

4. Share Attractive and Relevant Posts

If you want to create a business using Instagram, then you should always take care of the posts you share. Instagram is all about visual posts. While sharing Instagram posts for business, you should upload posts that can take the attention of visitors.

Posting related Instagram posts under your niche is an efficient strategy when utilizing Instagram for business. This is because, when people following your business niche on Instagram, connect with your posts, then Instagram gets the data of the right customers for your business account.

5. Use #hash-tags to Expand Your Reach

When you use hashtags in the caption of your Instagram posts, it shows your posts to a wide range of people who follow that specific hash-tag post category. This can also increase daily visits to your business account and also increase followers. Instagram permit you to add up to 30 tags in each post.

6. @Mention others on your Posts and Stories

Another free feature using which you can get partners and influencers for increasing your brand awareness or increasing your post’s reach is mentioning others account on your Instagram posts and stories. What you have to do is: use ‘@’ before the username of the account you want to mention.

7. Use Instagram Live

Now when you are well known with IG stories for business, another more cooperate thing you can do is go live on Instagram. It is same to stories but it is a story of live video that you record. Sharing live stories on your Instagram account can raise customer engagement by taking them behind the scenes.

According to popular reports, people on Instagram find live stories more attractive than normal stories.

8. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the most trending form of digital marketing in today’s world. In this form of marketing, any social media influencer that relates to your niche can promote your products or posts in their stories or feed, by charging a cost from you.

Instagram is the biggest platform for influencers where they get a large number of loyal followers. Instagram has developed as the best social media platform for influencer marketing from the past few years.


If you are active on social media then you will agree on how the number of active users on Instagram has increased in the past few years. In the post written above, you will get to know “how to use Instagram for business” but if you want to learn more about this Social Media Marketing Course in Chandigarh which is given by CBitss Technologies is the right place for you. By following the above-mentioned steps you can expand your business on Instagram effectively. Every step mentioned is very effective to run a successful business on the best social media platform.

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